There are only a few hundred prototype Google Glass gizmos floating around, and FoxNews.com managed to get hold of one. While they don't go on sale until 2014, the tech world is already buzzing that Google Glass -- which is basically a computer embedded into some glassless glasses --  are in fact, the next big thing.

And after using them for a few days, we kind of agree, but there are enough concerns that we have to ask: could Google Glass come up half empty?

Concern No. 1: Google glass has come under fire for only being photographed on the heads of white males. There's a whole Tumblr page that has photos of one white guy after another wearing the spacey specs.

Concern No. 2: Glass can get hacked. Security consultant Jay Freeman told us "It's extremely easy for hackers to get on board glass." And once a hacker gets into glass they have full access to your entire computer.

Concern No. 3: Remember when iPods were new and there was a rash of muggings and beat-downs of iPod wearers? Well we felt like an early generation iPod listener walking down the street with Google Glass on.

So … is Google Glass half empty, or half full? Click the video above for our full analysis.