'Good Witch' Star Catherine Bell: 'It's a Show That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself'

After seven hugely successful TV movies, the Hallmark Channel has finally given the "Good Witch" her very own show.

"I think it's so rare to find something on television that is very positive," says actress Catherine Bell ("Army Wives," "JAG"), who stars as Cassie Nightingale on the new series. "It's a show that makes you feel good about yourself, and about your life, and sort of believe in magic, and believe in the possibility that life and people can be better, and that good things can happen."

So, what else can viewers expect from the first season of "Good Witch"? For starters, the series takes place years after the original movies, and Cassie has a teenage daughter who appears to have inherited her gift.

For the rest of our exclusive interview, as well as clips from Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch," check out the video above.