Discovery Channel star Dave Turin said the most recent gold mining season, captured by "Gold Rush" cameras, proved to be one of the most challenging of his 30-year career.

“We had intentions this was going to be our best year together," he told FOX411. "Unfortunately, it takes a turn for the worst, and there are some times in the middle of the season that our team falls apart. We became a family last year, and this year it changes.”

For this season, Turin's team moved to Oregon, which created an unexpected set of problems.

“We hit an all-time low,” he said. “It was the worst low I have experienced in gold-mining in the middle of the season. But it gets better, we make a comeback. It’s a huge roller-coaster ride that we are taking the viewers on.”

He said the decision to move to Oregon was made because the team members wanted to be closer to their families.

“Last season we dug up over $3 million worth of gold… We were in the Yukon territory,” he said. “When we were mining in the Yukon, it’s very difficult to keep a sane family life... We all wanted to get closer to our families so we moved, and it was a huge decision for us.”

Turin believes "Gold Rush" resonates with Discovery's audience because it depicts a group of people hard at work.

“We work long hours — 12 hours a day, six days a week. The gold matters to these guys and what you see is you see us toiling. It is a struggle," he said. "People live vicariously through us because we go to some crazy places.”

Turin told us he is proud to represent miners in America on the series.

“There are millions of people that do this job and take it very seriously. It’s a good profession that has taken some hits. I am passionate about mining and mining in the correct way.”

“Gold Rush” returns October 14th on Discovery Channel.