Gia Genevieve's Intricate Lingerie, James Bond's Chart-Topping Theme Song, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the buzz is about:

• Judging by her Instagram account, Playboy model Gia Genevieve has taken on yet another modeling gig as the face of Playful Promises, a lingerie line based out of London (see a campaign photo above). So apparently, none of the models over in England can pull off a complicated set of lingerie like Gia can.

• In related news, we recently met up with Genevieve to get her tips for finding a great-fitting bra. Watch the video below to learn some of her tricks, then stay tuned for some accompanying visual aid from her shoot with Playboy. (Purely for research and educational purposes, of course.)

• Former swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker and her husband, pro tennis player Andy Roddick, welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday of last week. Decker and Roddick have yet to release any further details about the child, but it's probably safe to assume their newborn baby is already prettier and better at tennis than any of your children.

• Sam Smith's new James Bond theme, "The Writing's on the Wall" (below), has reportedly become the first James Bond theme to reach No. 1 on the U.K. singles charts. Even Adele's Oscar-winning "Skyfall" theme only reached No. 2, which is surprising, considering you just got it out of your head after three years.

• Speaking of Bond, the latest and final theatrical trailer for "Spectre" has hit the web (below). In it, Bond travels to a mysterious compound in order to kill yet another criminal mastermind in a Nehru jacket (much like his past foes Dr. No and Blofeld). Is it just us, or does James Bond really just seem to hate guys in Nehru jackets?

• At a television conference over the weekend, the chief of Hasbro confirmed at least four more "Transformers" sequels to be spread out over the next 10 years. However, we give Hasbro only two more films and maybe 4 years before they completely run out of ideas and resort to making an entire movie about just their short-lived Dinobots line.

• According to their Instagram accounts, Britney Spears and Kate Hudson got together for a "game night" on Saturday (below). Oddly enough, it doesn't look like they invited any of their actual children to this game night, unless of course you count Hudson, who looks to be about 12 in this photo:

• In addition to the all-female reboot as well as two other pending adaptations, Variety is now reporting that there's an animated "Ghostbusters" film in the works. This development should greatly increase the appeal of the new franchise, and also greatly increase the chances of finally seeing a lady-Slimer with a goopy little bow on her head.

• And finally, the metallic bikini famously worn by Carrie Fisher in "Return of the Jedi" sold at auction last Friday for the whopping sum of $96,000. The buyer didn't release his name, Entertainment Weekly reports, and nor did release any information on the horrible, horrible ways he plans to besmirch that thing.