Beauty queens are all smiles and waves on stage. But offstage? Not so much. Especially when they have a few miles on the tires and are reaching the end of their pageant careers.

Two stars the reality series “Game of Crowns” about beauty queens on the "Mrs." circuit,  Shelley Carbone and Vanassa Sebastian, told us stories that made our ears hurt. Literally.

FOX411: Vanassa, things got a little heated at the show’s premiere party when your husband, Brian, was attacked by another cast mate’s husband, who bit your husband’s ear. How is your husband healing?

Vanassa Sebastian:  He’s recuperating. He’s doing as good as can be expected. It certainly was an unprovoked malicious attack. I never expected something like that to happen – that’s not who my husband is. My husband is a professional businessman, so it was very unwarranted. We will be taking legal action. Our premiere party had nothing to do with the show. So, it will not be filmed. We’re (Lehha) aren’t speaking.

Shelley Carbone:  You can’t make this stuff up. There wasn’t anything reality about this. However, that was real intense. It’s whose those people are, not Brian but who our cast mates husband is.

FOX411: How do you balance being wives, moms, and pageant queens?

Carbone: You just do it!  My family comes first. It keeps your grounded and it keeps you humble. A little vomit here, wipe it off – keep going.

Sebastian: And you have to know your priorities – where in the line of pageantry where’s does your family fits. It can be venomous.

FOX411: Venomous?

Carbone: When we talk about pageant sisters…while you’re competing everybody is like, “She’s my sister in pageantry." It didn’t become venomous until it became reality. There’s definitely a little bit of self-promotion, and they do what they need to do to become noticed, and that can get a little dicey.

FOX411: What was the biggest pageant faux pas you experienced, or witnessed?

Carbone: There was an experience at Mrs. America when I competed and a woman got her cycle while she was on stage, and I couldn’t understand how she could not possible know.