Actor Peter Dinklage is used to passionate fans thanks to his starring role on HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones”. Now he’s become part of another production with a very loyal audience, the “X-Men” franchise. He plays the role of Dr. Bolivar Trask in “Days of Future Past."

Dinklage tells FOX411 about joining the “X-Men” legacy.

FOX411: What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be joining the "X-Men" legacy?
Yes I’ll do it. It was very quick.

FOX411: Have you always been a fan?
Dinklage: I was sort of a late bloomer to the "X-Men"… I mean I saw the movies but I wasn’t really… I’ve never been a serious comic book collector or certainly not to the extent of some others by comparison. I enjoy them and I had a few of them when I was growing up, but there’s a complete devoted fan base to especially "X-Men" that I wouldn’t count myself as a member but now I’m deeply deeply in love with the series.

FOX411: How you like how it stands out in the super hero universe?
I grew up with the super hero movies were a bit… I mean I love them but they were a bit glossier and cheesier and I say that affectionately. Richard Donner’s “Superman” with, God bless him, Christopher Reeve, they were you know… red tights and we don’t really have that anymore. I feel like these fans of the comic books have always seen them as a metaphor for the lives we lead and they wanted that all along and they never got it until I guess, fairly recently.

FOX411: Has the passionate fan base of "Game of Thrones" gotten you ready for the equally passionate "X-Men" fans?
Dinklage: It’s going to be a lot of passion.

FOX411: It’s going to be a lot of passion. It’s going to be a lot of fans, but have you gotten used to it now? They know so much about these worlds.
Dinklage: They know a lot more than I do and I’m in the world. No, They’re great. They have such strong but really helpful opinions about it. Sometimes they get ahead of themselves and have opinions about it before they’ve even seen the result, casting decisions, what have you, they should hold back and wait until they see it for themselves sometimes. That’s my only qualm with it, with the ‘internet everybody’s an expert thing. It’s incredible. It’s nothing but lovely feedback and real support. I mean, they’re the reason we have jobs truly, so we have to meet and exceed their expectations.

FOX411: Are you watching online comments or get the comments in person?
Dinklage: Certainly I live here in NYC I get feedback on the street every day. I’m hiding in plain sight here in the city and you know, us New Yorkers like to voice our opinions about things. So I get daily, especially because the TV show is on right now and after this movie opens… I don’t live in a cave so I get it quite a bit and it’s usually really really sweet.