It's been a wild ride so far. Jon and Daenerys finally met. Jorah was healed of his greyscale. The Starks all finally came home (and thanks to sibling conflict are more interesting than ever), Gendry is no longer rowing, Littlefinger is still scheming and the big one just about no one saw coming; The Night King now has a pet dragon.

The big question for the season finale is, what happens next? Here are some predictions for where things might go.

1. The Kingdoms unite but…

The trailer for next week’s season finale shows an armistice at King’s Landing with all the major head’s coming together to at least listen to Jon Snow’s warning about the Night King. But what it doesn't show is who will be betrayed at this meeting and who will be the betrayer. Cersei at long last has her enemies in one place, but will her best laid plans be interrupted, perhaps by a newly undead ice dragon? The teaser for the season showed one dragon frosting over, foreshadowing what was to come. That same teaser ended with Cersei sitting on the Iron throne exhaling her breath in the dead of cold.

2. Romance is in the air

Fans have been shouting, “just get it on already,” about Jon and Daenerys for about four episodes now. That all became clear with their moment on the boat. Their flirtations and vapid mysterious looks will all  culminate in the romance fans have been waiting for. But things will get complicated when…

3. Jon Snow finally learns who he is

Both Sam and Bran have ideas about Jon’s true lineage. It’s possible Sam arrives in Kings Landing to break the news to him. This, of course, complicates a budding romance with Daenerys and the claim to the throne. But, Snow has never wanted the iron throne, meaning perhaps any storyline involving his claim to it could be anticlimactic. Jon Snow wants the North to be safe from the army of the dead. That will be the set up going into next season, which is reportedly also to be a shortened six or seven episodes. All cards revealed, this is the home stretch.

4. Don’t get your hopes up, we’ll see Littlefinger next season

Everyone wants Littlefinger’s face to come off at the hands of Arya. But that’s not how things go with “Game of Thrones.” If anything, in the season finale, it will be the reverse. Littlefinger is playing chess while the Starks are continuously playing checkers. He knows how to exploit their weaknesses and drive them apart. But, Littlefinger isn’t evil in the sense of Ramsay Bolton or Joffrey. The only thing keeping him alive is the fact that neither of the Stark girls know who betrayed their father to the Lannisters. He’s also too valuable to the North and Sansa knows it. Arya might not care, but the battle of wits between her and Littlefinger will continue into next season.