From Miley Cyrus to Robin Thicke: Who's the hottest second-generation superstar?

Alan Thicke is cool and all... but have you seen his son, Robin? Now that's a star.

With the rising popularity of celebs like Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus, you've got to give a nod to their famous parents, who likely got their youngsters used to the limelight from the get-go.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Stars who've surpassed their famous parents

Robin Thicke, the sexy singer of the instant hit "Blurred Lines," has a pretty famous dad. Anyone remember the pops from "Growing Pains"? But though the singer grew up watching his biological dad play a TV sitcom papa on screen, Robin is now eclipsing Alan as a superstar. How about those blurred generation lines?

There's also Miley Cyrus, who started shadowing dad Billy Ray Cyrus (of "Achy-Breaky Heart" fame) at a young age. At the age of 14, Miley had already landed her own Disney show, "Hannah Montana." Now, the former Disney star has chopped off her hair and immersed herself in the music biz.

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And let's not forget about other second-generation superstars. Norah Jones, Enrique Iglesias and Natalie Cole are all great examples of stars who have surpassed their famous parents in the business. But who do you think is the hottest second-generation star of them all?