FNM Exclusive: Pastor Rich Wilkinson Jr. Tells Us How He Came to Meet (and Marry) Kim and Kanye

You might know Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. as the man who married Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but he's been spreading his message of love and faith since way before Kimye were even an item.

Wilkerson, who recently published his first book "Sandcastle Kings: Meeting Jesus in a Spiritually Bankrupt World," has been hosting wildly successful Bible meetings since 2007, when he and his wife DawnCheré founded a youth study group called "The Rendezvous" at his parents' church.

These days, Wilkerson has branched out to open his very own place of worship — and it's all being documented on Oxygen's new series "Rich in Faith."

"This first season is really watching as my wife and I take a big step of faith as we get ready to plant, or start, a church in the downtown Miami area called Vous Church," Wilkerson tells FNM. "The show really has one big overall storyline, which is watching as we take this step of faith, leaving mom and dad's church. We kind of begin with no location, no staff … really trying to make a vision, a dream, into a reality."

Aside from his family and friends, one of Wilkerson's biggest supporters also happened to be Kanye West, who stopped by to visit Wilkerson's family church a few years back.

"We just struck up a friendship, and we continue to be friends," says Wilkerson of Kanye and Kim. "When it came time to get married, they asked if we would perform the wedding, and we were honored to do so." (Kanye's creative agency DONDA also designed the cover of Wilkerson's book.)

For more from Pastor Rich and his new series "Rich in Faith," be sure to watch the rest of his interview above.