FNM Exclusive: Jillian Michaels Gives Us a GREAT Reason Not to Worry About 'Holiday Weight Gain'

Stressed out at the thought of gaining holiday weight? Don't be.

Fitness expert and "Yeah Baby!" author Jillian Michaels has some soothing news when it comes to our waistlines (and all the fruitcakes we plan on cramming inside them).

"'Holiday weight gain' has been blown way out of proportion," Jillian tells FNM. "Study after study after study has shown us that people put on — at the most — generally around five pounds."

"In truth, you're not gaining that much weight," she adds. "So one of the things that I try to tell people is to first get rid of this notion that you've been bad, or you've been apathetic, or you've been lethargic. You're not. You're just being a little more lax, and that's OK."

If you're still concerned over a measly five pounds (max), Jillian has a ton of helpful suggestions for counteracting those calories. For instance, she suggests that her clients "pamper" themselves in more productive ways, like heading to the spa or stopping to smell the roses.

In other words, take your face out of the fruitcake and go sledding instead. (Our words, not hers.)

For more of Jillian's suggestions and holiday tips, watch the rest of her exclusive interview with FNM in the clip above.