The Cannes Film Festival is comprised of several competitions pitting some of the best movies in the world against one another for prestigious prizes and worldwide fame.

It’s also the place movie makers from around the world, who have nothing to do with the official competition, come to shop their wares.

These are five of the strangest sounding films looking for financial backers at Cannes.

Bon chance.

1. “American Nudist”


This documentary bills itself as a modern walk through the exciting world of
“naturalism." Which apparently involves push-ups. Not natural!

2. “Killing Hasselhoff”


Yes, the Hoff is in Cannes. He's looking for a director for a comedy centered around a celebrity death pool, you know, when people bet on which star is going to die next. "It's hilarious," Hoff told the Hollywood Reporter.

3. “Shooting Bigfoot”


Looking like a modern day “The Blair Witch Project,” “Shooting Bigfoot” is a documentary that follows three search parties through the woods tracking the elusive Sasquatch. We're not going to give away the ending.

4. “How to Make Money Selling Drugs”


This is actually a serious documentary that spells out 10 ways to make money off of drugs.
There are several big name actors in it as well, like Woody Harrelson and 50 Cent - that give their two cents on the nation's drug laws.

5. “Explanation of Confinement”


What would happen if your head got stuck in a turtleneck sweater? How long could you last trapped in a garbage shoot? These questions and more are answered in this Russian short film.