Katya Leonovich

A stampede of ferocious models hit the runway at Katya Leonovich. The fur, leather, oceanic blues, and mossy greens made the show feel like Planet Earth or Jumanji, and we mean that in the best way possible! Even the hair was styled as we hoped Tarzan Jane's would be. Absolutely inspirational.

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Son Jung Wan

Son Jung Wan was luxurious, lavish, and lust-worthy! Perfectly constructed pieces with intricate fur details flocked the runway in men's and women's looks. Really loved the up-do's with a very thin eyeliner. Exquisite.

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Erin Barr

Extremely pleased with Erin Barr's first runway show. We were so excited to see her pieces in motion, and instantly fell in love with the edgy geometric cut-outs, and green leather. There is so much sophistication in every look, but just enough sexiness.

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Noon by Noor

Demure models graced the catwalk at Noon by Noor with a signature red lip. Feminine silhouettes and incredible floor length jackets (totally brought us back to the 90's when Rachel and Monica set the trend.) Although hail was falling onto the runway and into the press pit, the celebs couldn't walk away from the collection!

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Sergio Davila

So simple, yet so detailed. Sergio Davila filled the runway with sexy sophisticated pieces, especially in the men's department. He even made sweater vests look hot -- a difficult feat! We were totally lusting the small accents of leather and sheer, sky high heels, oh and that adorable puppy we were seated across the runway from!! ... I know what you're thinking, how could he possibly nap at a moment like this?! The world will never know.

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