Fans talk 'Breaking Bad,' other big series finales

Fans take series finales very seriously. After all, they’ve tuned in week after week, they’ve gotten into heated conversations at work, shared favorite moments with friends and they want to know how it will all end.  

This season fans will see the end of shows like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Mad Men."  

And on Sunday, the Emmy-winning show “Breaking Bad” will air its final episode.

“You look at Twitter, and it’s one of the most live tweeted shows that's on… people are just going crazy and every one of the last episodes has been more intense than the previous episode,” Melissa Maritz, TV critic at Entertainment Weekly, explained.

As for star Bryan Cranston, he told FOX411 at the Emmy Awards how he feels about his show taking its place in TV history.

"Twenty years from now if they're still talking about ‘Breaking Bad’ then we've done it and we couldn't be more proud."

So how do series finales help a show find its place in TV history? Just ask the fans. We did.  It led to a wide variety of responses about which finales some viewers loved and which they are still perplexed by.  Watch the video above to see which finales fans are talking about.