Family of Natalie Wood saddened by new death report

On Monday, the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office released a new report about the mysterious death of the three-time Oscar-nominated actress Natalie Wood, evoking fresh emotions for those who were closest to the actress.

“It is all very sad and painful for them to have to relive this again more than 31 years since Natalie’s death,” a close insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I think most families just wish it could be let go so everyone could really move on.”

The review raises red flags on almost every aspect of the original coroner’s report.

Her death was ruled an accident after the original investigation, but the new report revealed bruises on Wood’s wrists, knees and ankles could have occurred before she fell into the ocean, indicating she may have been assaulted.

In November 2011 Wood’s case was re-opened when a worker on the ship told reporters that a fight between Wood and Wagner led to her death.

The golden girl’s death has now been reclassified to “drowning and other undetermined factors.”

We’re told Los Angeles police officials have been steadfast in probing the case in recent months, questioning a slew of A-list celebrities and personal associates connected to Wood.

And it’s all taking its toll on her family.

Daughter Courtney Wagner – who was just seven when her mom died – spoke to FOX 411 exclusively in November about the pain of that fateful morning, and the constant questioning regarding the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

“There are certain people in our lives that continue to drudge up all this speculation and stories every year for no other reason than to indulge themselves,” she said. “I was just casually watching E! Fashion police recently and Joan Rivers referred to something being like ‘going to a pool party at Natalie Wood’s house’ and it was painful. I don’t see how anyone would find a distasteful comment like that funny.”

A rep for Robert Wagner declined to comment.