EXCLUSIVE: Watch Out Chris Christie! 'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny's Got a Passion for Politics

"Jersey Shore" stars may not come across as college graduates, but looks can be deceiving. Vinny Guadagnino actually completed a college degree, and came just short of packing his bags for law school.

“I went to a school in upstate New York and that’s where I started my liberal arts credits then I transferred to a school near my house in Staten Island and I majored in political science and I minored in Italian and a bit of law,” Guadagnino told Fox411's Pop Tarts column. “After college I took an LSAT course and took my LSATs on the day that the show  premiered.”

New Jersey Governor Christie openly criticized the reality show cast for giving the state a bad name. Will Guadagnino challenge him for the New Jersey's top job?

“Political science still interests me,” he said. “But I am a little behind with my politics right now because when we film we are cut off from the outside. So I just got back from being locked up for four months, but yes, politics is always a passion of mine.”

The fist-pumping “Jersey Shore” team just returned from filming season four in Florence, Italy, but despite the tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of Snooki on the beach and Pauly D on the turntables, it seems the fans in the U.S. are far more err, out there.

“Being in Italy reminded me of the first time we started to film because we were really out of our element and we really had to stick together because all we had was each other out there. The locals 99 percent liked us, same thing as here. You get a couple of haters, but most of the people are just fascinated. It’s pretty remarkable with us walking down the street with all the cameras and producers and crowds of tourists following us,” Guadagnino said. “But it’s worse in America, I get the craziest things… little thirteen year old girls yelling at you to have their babies. When we go back to Jersey we are the only thing in that town, so all the people go there for that reason.”

Speaking of haters, Guadagnino has a strong message to those who seek to bring him down.

“If you watch the show, you don’t have any misconceptions of me, what you see is what you get. People that don’t watch the show will label us all as crazy drunk animals that didn’t go to school, which is actually the opposite to what I am,” he added. “People shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

Speaking of covers, Guaragnino is helping guys who are going back to school get his signature "Shore" look.

“I’m helping guys to keep their style in check, especially when it comes to their hair and talking about the hair clippers they have. Guys can always stay fresh especially when going back to school,” Vinny Guadagnino tsaid regarding his new partnership with Philips Norelco. “It’s very important, especially with us being on the 'Jersey Shore,' to always stay fresh.”