Is NCIS actress Pauley Perrette a natural blonde? Finding out sounds like a mission for the FCU: Fact Checkers Unit.

The heroes of the NBC Web Series, fact-checking specialists Dylan (Brian Sacca) and Russell (Peter Karinen), have already confirmed Jon Heder's secret side career and Karolina Kurkova's SPF preference.

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Perrette's true hair color comes up for debate in the upcoming episode because, as Karinen tells TVGuide.com, "our producer told her that our Web series was going to be a huge stepping stone for her career. Thankfully and surprisingly, she believed him." Sacca adds that he, and fellow series creators Karinen and Dan Beers, have wanted to work with the actress "ever since her two-episode arc on 'Frasier.' I love 'Frasier.'"

Her NCIS character, Abby, also happens to have a lot in common with the fact checkers, Beers says: "Abby is a goth; Dylan and Russell wear black. Abby has a stuffed hippo named Bert that makes flatulence noises when squeezed; when Dylan farts in the office, Russell charges him like a rhino."

But seriously, Perrette says she's been eager to appear in Fact Checkers Unit ever since she watched the original short, which featured Bill Murray.

The world, she says, could use more real-life fact checkers. "There are so many false stories, eventually you just kind of give up, especially with the Internet," Perrette says. "I am almost convinced that the only two things that are true on the Internet are the time and the date."

Check out the full episode below:

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