Ashley Dupre believes in second chances.

The former call girl and current Playboy cover girl told Fox News she thinks her former sex client, the former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, should run for office again.

"Let him run and let the people decide. Give him a fair shot," she told Fox News. "Everyone deserves a shot, right?"

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It does not sound like Dupre, 24, will be voting for her former trick, however.

"I take responsibility for being involved in it in some way," she said of having sex with the married governor. "[But Silda] married a scumbag. He's the one that made an agreement with her and made a promise, and he broke that promise."

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Dupre also said she felt sorry for the long line of mistresses that have come forward in the Tiger Woods and Jesse James infidelity scandals.

"These girls are coming forward and I don't think they understand the impact that its having, ... for themselves and their future," she told Fox News. "Its really hard to break that title [of mistress]. It effects not only them, but their family."