Anna Faith Carlson, 18, is well on her way to becoming the next big viral star.

The teen, from Dayton Beach, Florida, told FOX411 she began getting loads of attention from fans about 12 weeks ago when she first posted a photo of herself dressed up as the popular character Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Her uncanny similarities to the animated star quickly led her to go viral, and she now has more than 330,000 Instagram followers.

Overall, Carlson said the recent surge of attention has been great, and she’s encountered very few critics.

"[The only critics so far are] actually people, here, in my home town. It’s people I went to school with that had the hardest time. It’s only a handful of [people] who say ‘she doesn’t look like Elsa,’” she said. “I’m surprised by all the positive feedback I’ve gotten so far.”

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Lately, she’s been busy traveling, mostly to visit sick children in hospitals in her Elsa ensemble. Once there, she sings the hit song "Let It Go" from the flick, solidifying her role as the Human Elsa.

“There’s a lot of exposure right now, and I am so glad it’s happening because people around the world want me to visit sick children, and I am so excited [to do that],” she said.

She revealed that most recently she’s been asked to visit a children’s hospital in Australia to cheer up patients.

“I do want to be an actress and a singer, and I want to be a role model for children,” she explained.

Carlson, who just graduated high school, said she isn’t planning to attend college because her main goal is to become a singer and actress.

So would the Florida teen ever put on her costume and work for Disney?

“Disney isn’t really great money,” she said. “It’s $12 an hour and the whole round trip to Disney would be 3 hours a day. If I moved to Orlando that would be different.”

For now, she’s spending all her time working independently as Elsa. And though she’s gotten to take some all-expense paid trips, she hasn’t earned any money for appearances yet. However, she said right now she is just happy to gain more exposure to help further her career goals.

Her sister Lexie travels with her as well, dressing up as Anna from the film.

“[Lexie] always goes with me. She loves just as much. She is a sophomore [in high school]," she said. "She is actually interested in the medical field so we kind of have a little bit different goals in life but for right now we do work together."