Elsa Hosk's Topless Pineapple Pic, Gisele's $700 Coffee Table Book, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• One of Victoria's Secret's newest Angels, Elsa Hosk, has been sharing behind-the-scenes photos from her swimwear photoshoot in Palm Springs. In one of them, Hosk even ditches her bikini top in favor of a pineapple (above), because apparently Hosk couldn't find a pricklier, sharper fruit to hold up next to her delicate breasts.

• Speaking of Hosk's sexy photohoots, we once interviewed the Swedish supermodel about her work on Victoria's Secret's 2015 "Swim Special." Watch the video below to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes, along with clips of Hosk modeling skimpy swimwear sans pineapples:

• Gisele Bundchen has teamed up with German publishing company Taschen to release a $700 coffee table book filled with hundreds of her old modeling photos, including several nudes. And it will be sold exclusively to rich, horny idiots who haven't yet learned how to type "Gisele nude" into Google.

• Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunited on Wednesday night's edition of "The Tonight Show" to perform another installment of their classic "GoodBurger" sketch (below). Or at least we hope this is a sketch, and not just surveillance footage from the burger joint Kel is probably working at these days.

• After two years together, comedians Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll have decided to call it quits. “Unfortunately, they just couldn’t make the relationship work with their schedules,” said a source close to the couple, which we take to mean that whenever Amy was in the mood to make fart jokes, all Nick wanted to do were silly voices, and vice versa.

• As reported by In Touch Weekly, Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa has found a loophole that will allow him to release their old honeymoon video, which sees the two in "sexual situations." If true, JLo will undoubtedly try to block the release, if only because it might eclipse the sex tape she made with Iggy Azalea just last year:

• Based on the viewing habits of subscribers, Netflix has determined exactly which episode of a popular show is responsible for hooking people in. For example, at least 70 percent of subscribers who watched through the second episode of "Breaking Bad" finished the whole season, while it took six episodes of "Mad Men" to hook subscribers. However, they failed to mention how many billions of episodes it might take to hook viewers on "Pompidou," its lowest-rated original series.

• Sony has released the first trailer for their animated film "Angry Birds," which is based on the popular mobile phone games of the same name (below). Hopefully, the film will shed some light on why these birds are so full of rage all the time, and also why that one yellow bird, who you imagined to have a cockney accent, doesn't have a cockney accent:

• And finally, former 007 actor Pierce Brosnan recently remarked that, while he believes a black actor could easily portray Bond, he thinks the idea of a female Bond is too far-fetched. Has he learned nothing from our James Bond fan-fiction?