Elizabeth Hurley's Topless Pool Pic, Justin Bieber's Latest Tantrum, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• English actress Elizabeth Hurley has shared yet another sexy snapshot on Instagram, this time to show her fans that "no vacation" is complete without a good Jackie Collins novel (above). Thank goodness she doesn't place the same importance in bikini tops.

• Speaking of Hurley, we're loving the way she's been posting one glamorous vacation photo after another. It makes us wonder if she's taking a lesson from Dita Von Teese, who recently told us her secrets for feeling sexy and glam all the time — even without the aid of a Jackie Collins novel and exposed breasts! Watch below for more.

• "Star Trek" actor Chris Pine confirmed that he'll be starring opposite Israeli actress Gal Gadot in Warner Bros. forthcoming "Wonder Woman" film. But given Hollywood's attitude toward female superheroes headlining their own movies, it's anyone's guess if he or Gadot will be playing the title character.

• A 21-year-old bartender in Sweden is making news for  (below). In fact, Konrad Annerud looks so much like DiCaprio that it's almost as if Leo once created a clone in order to harvest his organs in later years. Or perhaps Leo simply procreated with a Swedish model a while back, and Konrad is his illegitimate love child. (But nah, that's too outlandish. It's probably the clone thing.)

• Despite his official retirement from music in 2011, Phil Collins announced that he's nevertheless planning a comeback tour because his children "are now 10 and 14 and they want to see what their dad does." It's unclear if he was subtly implying that his three other, much older children couldn't care less, but that's certainly how it sounds.

• Much like a middle-school teacher who punishes the whole class because one kid can't stop talking, Justin Bieber stormed off stage at a packed Norway performance because a few fans in the front row refused to let him mop up a spill (below). And much like that middle-school class, everyone left peeved, and not a single person learned a damn thing:

• Entertainment Weekly has somehow determined that HBO's next season of "Game of Thrones" will be pushed back to later in the spring to make room for the new seasons of "Girls," "Vinyl" and "Togetherness." That said, "GoT" fans should plan accordingly, and make the neccessary marriage pacts with Walder Frey's daughters to ensure enough wheat and salt for the long winter.

• And finally, Bailmain and H&M have released a new video campaign starring Kendall Jenner as the leader of a futuristic dance troupe battling through a series of subway cars (below). But despite the ad's ridiculous fashions and "futuristic" gizmos, the fact that Kendall doesn't run into any foul-smelling vagrants on that subway remains the most unbelievable thing about it: