Elizabeth Hurley Never Gets Older, Carrie Underwood Sweeps the CMTs, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• Ageless "Royals" actress Elizabeth Hurley celebrated a birthday on Wednesday, and judging by the Instagram photos she shared in honor of the occasion (see one below), Hurley turned a vivacious 23 years old. Happy 23rd birthday, Lizzy!

• Carrie Underwood had a big night at the other night, but you know what else she had? Brilliantly smoky eyes. We'll get to her CMT achievements in a moment, but first, why not watch the tutorial above to find out how Carrie achieves those signature peepers? I mean, look at the photo below! They peep right off the page!

• At Wednesday night's CMT Awards in Nashville, Carrie Underwood wowed in a super-short bodycon dress on the red carpet (below) and was later given the Video of the Year Award for the fourth consecutive time. This only further proves that Underwood is all anybody really wants to see, hear, or honor at this thing. Kind of like HBO at the CableACE Awards that HBO made itself made irrelevant. (Watch out, CMT!)

• "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth has reportedly been cast in Paul Feig's all-female "Ghostbusters" as the team's receptionist (a role originally played by Annie Potts). This only goes to prove that Feig fully intends to sexually reverse all the roles, though there's no word yet on how he'll reimagine Slimer as a more feminine poltergeist. Maybe a disgusting little bow on her head?

• Hillary Clinton joined Instagram on Wednesday afternoon, posting a photo of her many red, white and blue blouses with the caption "hard choices" (below). We know "hard choices" is also the name of her 2014 book, but if she's really having trouble choosing a patriotic outfit, we think we have a solution: Just wear this handsome unisex American flag windbreaker instead.

• After serving as a frequent guest host in the wake of Rosie O'Donnell's departure, former Disney star Raven-Symone has been named the newest permanent co-host of "The View," She seems like a level-headed, down-to-earth choice, so unfortunately, it should take only about five or six months for everyone else on the panel to drive her nuts and make her leave.

• In an Instagram post she shared on Wednesday, Katy Perry announced that she was chosen as the new face of Italian fashion brand Moschino (below). In related news, a (probably now dejected) Paris Hilton once wore this obnoxious Moschino-logoed outfit for nothing.

• In her upcoming memoir, former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison claims that Hugh Hefner tried to put her in his will as a ploy to keep her from leaving the Playboy Mansion. She also claims he offered her drugs, tried to manipulate her, and did pretty much everything else you'd you'd expect from a man desperately trying to hold on to a woman 54 years his junior.

• British actor, author and heavy metal Christmas singer Christopher Lee, of such films as "Dracula," "The Man With the Golden Gun," and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, died on Sunday of this week. He was 93.

• A new TV spot for the next James Bond film "Spectre" was released on Wednesday (below), and this time, it looks like Bond may have met his match in Christoph Waltz's new mysterious villain. Just kidding! Bond will most certainly shoot, drive, or sex his way out of danger, just like always.

• Just days after Leonardo DiCaprio announced he was suing the French tabloid Oops for falsely reporting that he impregnated Rihanna, Bradley Cooper is taking advantage of France's strict celebrity privacy laws and suing the same magazine for reporting on his relationship with swimsuit model Irina Shayk. So as far as any FNM readers in France are concerned, we have never reported on them kissing, walking arm in arm, kissing, or kissing. Just never happened.

• And finally, a copy of E.L. James' as-yet-unpublished follow-up to "50 Shades of Grey" was stolen from her publishing company earlier this week, leading many to believe the theives will leak the novel online. But we wouldn't be too worried if we were James; most people on the Internet are too busy watching depraved sex to even bother reading about it in a book.