The E-Trade baby struck back at-- and what a potty mouth on this kid!

Lawyers for the financial firm filed hundreds of pages detailing Lohan's drug abuse, brawls and DWI busts -- including reams of profanity-laced Internet comments from detractors -- all under the guise of proving she lives in Hollywood and not Long Island, where the case was filed.

Despite the catalog of bad behavior the papers chronicle, E-trade claims it's not making the argument that she has already defamed herself far more than their commercial -- which features a "milkaholic" baby named Lindsay -- ever did.

Lohan is "a pot-stirring, lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful little drama queen," the papers -- filed in Nassau County Supreme Court -- quote one on-line commenter as saying.

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"Why does anyone want to know what this train wreck is doing?" another adds. "She is the classic child star. A little success (parents pushed her into the business) at a young age and then she thinks she's the poo."

"How can she pay her rent and pay for her coke?" yet another writes. "That sugarcane she's sniffin' doesn't come cheap . . . "

The huge file of clippings is being used to advance the argument that Lohan is a Californian.

E-Trade is not, however, requesting a change of location to LA -- they want the court fight to be switched to Manhattan, where E-Trade has its corporate headquarters.

Dina Lohan, the star's mother, said the court papers are only going to help Lindsay's $100 million lawsuit.

"This is the whole reason we are suing them -- for demeaning Lindsay," Dina Lohan said. "They are just proving how they operate -- they play dirty."

Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, vowed to fight the motions to dismiss and to change the venue.

E-Trade lawyer Howard J. Rubin declined to comment on the case, but his papers claim that public records show Dina Lohan, not her daughter, owns the Merrick address given as Lindsay's in the lawsuit.

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