YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling has become a fan favorite with her fast moves and bright smile in the ballroom on this season's "Dancing with the Stars." But Stirling revealed she recently split from her boyfriend.

"It's been a rough couple weeks," the top mirror ball contender revealed to dance partner Mark Ballas on camera.

Her voice breaking, Stirling said, "My relationship of a year and a half came to an end a week ago.

"It's been hard to push through all of this while feeling a lot inside," the violinist admitted.

Ballas, who married singer/songwriter BC Jean last year, told his celebrity partner, "Breakups are horrible, I get it."

Stirling agreed, "The worst."

Partner Ballas was impressed with how Stirling was handling the tough situation, saying, "I know your heart probably really hurts right now but you would never know it."

The violin player, 31, also told "DWTS" cameras, "I want to have a family and I thought I was almost ready to go to that next phase."

But it didn't work out with her ex-beau. While Stirling didn't name the boyfriend on TV, her social media shows she had been seeing a guy named Ryan Weed.

In August, Stirling shared a photo that Weed had taken of her on Twitter.

Stirling earned the highest score of the "DWTS" season on Monday night, 27, for a jive with Ballas that revealed her "guilty pleasure" of staying in her pajamas all day.

She said she's incredibly thankful for the show, noting, "I'm very grateful to have something that I can really love."

And judges love her. On Monday, Len Goodman declared that Stirling had performed "the dance of the season!"