Doug Hutchison was once a celebrated film and television actor with acclaimed roles in “The Green Mile” and “X-Files” to name a few, but when he wed then-16-year-old aspiring model Courtney Stodden, his Hollywood image changed.  Now more than two years later, Hutchison and Stodden have become an outlandish staple on reality television with stints on VH1 “Couples Therapy,” and most recently CBS’ “Big Brother UK.”  The 53 year old spoke to FOX411 about his unshakeable love for his much younger wife and what lies ahead for their relationship.

FOX411: Are you and Courtney planning to have a baby soon?

Doug Hutchison: No, not right now. She’s very young. Nine or ten years. I wouldn’t say definitely. We have flirted with the idea of adoption.

FOX411: Do you worry about being a much older father?

Hutchison: If Michael Douglas can do it, I can do it. I’m young in spirit and have lots of energy.

FOX411: Several reports out of London, where Courtney is filming, say she is flirting with other men. What is your response to that?

Hutchison: I say nonsense. It’s the press being sensational. The producers on that show want ratings. It’s a bunch of bullshit. Our marriage is so strong. My love for her is unshakeable. With reality TV, they have their finger on the editing button. There seems to be a small fraction of the press that want to see the demise of our marriage. We’ve been married two and a half years.Time is the greatest test. The longer we’re married, as the years unfold people who have had a difficult time with our huge age difference are starting to accept it.

FOX411: You were quite open on VH1’s “Couple Therapy” about how marrying Courtney has negatively impacted your career. Does this continue to be the case?

Hutchison: My marriage to Courtney did not ruin my career. My agent, my manager dropped me because it was so controversial. Before Courtney I was already becoming disenchanted with acting. I’m a writer. I’m a director. I have not missed acting. When the time is right I’ll jump back in.

FOX411: Courtney was very public about her decision to get breast implants. What was your reaction to her decision?

Hutchison: It might surprise you but I fought Courtney. God bless Courtney. Courtney was born with an unbelievable body and a beautiful face. When she was contemplating the surgery, I actually was attempting to talk her out of it. Everything was so perfect in my eyes... I woke up one day. Courtney’s body is Courtney’s body. My body is my body. Your body is your body. No one has the right to tell someone what they should do about it. I accepted it and got behind her 110 percent. I think she looks gorgeous with her new boobs…old boobs.

FOX411: You’ve taken a role in your wife’s career. Where would you like to see her career go?
Hutchison: Courtney is an unbelievable actress. I’m not just saying this. I’ve been an actor for 25 years. I know natural talent. I believe and I would like to see her sink a role into a movie.Also, she loves modeling. I would love Courtney to manifest those dreams and be on the cover of Glamour. She’s a 21st century Renaissance woman. The sky is the limit.

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