Door flies off Bono's private plane while in flight

Bono flies high on stage, but on Wednesday the U2 frontman got quite the scare while flying to Germany.

The rear door of the Learjet 60 private plane fell off while Bono and his four friends were in the air, German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation told ABC News. "The Learjet lost a door where the luggage was put in," official, Germout Freitag, said. "There can be many reasons for this incident. Either something broke on the door or the door wasn't closed properly. Those are the usual problems that occur."

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But like a U2 show, the flight must go on! The plane, which departed from Dublin, Ireland, landed safely with no injuries.

While a door flying off a plane while in flight seems super scary (have you seen Air Force One?!), it's not as bad as it may seem in the movies. "What happened here is very unusual, but they were never really at risk," aviation expert John Nance told ABC News. "The passengers may have been scared when they heard a noise, but they never lost pressurization."

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The 54-year-old musician was headed to Berlin, Germany for the Bambi Awards -- where U2 was being honored and scheduled to perform -- and while in the country, he also met with Walter Linder, Germany's representative working to fight the Ebola epidemic.

While plane complications are scary in real-life, they're fun to watch on the big screen. See why Liam Neeson enjoys shooting a plane heist like the one in his film Non-Stop.

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