Discovery's new show goes into the 'Killing Fields'

Discovery’s new series, “Killing Fields” takes viewers on a real-time criminal investigation. Louisiana-based detectives Rodie Sanchez and Aubrey St. Angelo spoke to FOX411 about what it is like to hunt down a killer.

FOX411: Rodie, you are officially a retired detective but you were originally on the Eugenie (Boisfontaine) case, the woman who was murdered 18 years ago that series revolves around. Why did you come back to the scene of the crime quite literally?
Rodie Sanchez: I felt like I started something 18 years ago and I haven’t finished it yet. It’s been on my mind for 18 years, and I’d like to put some closure to this family if there’s any way possible so I was glad the sheriff asked me to come back and re-hire me to start investigating the cold case again and reworking it.

FOX411: You got choked up Rodie when you returned to where Eugenie’s body was found. What was that experience like?
Sanchez: It was very sad and it brought back a lot of memories. The photographs that we have on the show are actual photographs I took of her poor body lying in that field and it was a very sad moment for me. I think about her often and I still, still her anniversary death date I still see and think about a lot.

FOX411: You told Eugenie’s mother you would find her killer. Have you gotten any reactions from Eugenie’s family on her case being re-opened?
Sanchez: We have. We’ve talked to her brother, her sister Suzanne has passed away since...  Her mother is still living in the area and she’s under ill health, too but we have been in touch with the family. They are very pleased that we’ve re-opened the case and try to put some closure to it.

FOX411: What do they think about her case being televised?
Sanchez: I think they are very pleased with it because when we did speak to them I think they were anything or any clue we could possibly use or anything we could take and use in a criminal investigation I think they said they were open to it. Whatever it took. If it was out on the media that would help us a lot, too so they pretty much left it up to us whatever decision we wanted to do and how we wanted to work the case was fine with them as long as we re-opened it.

FOX411: Right, as long as they can possibly find the killer. Now, Aubrey do you have any leads as to who is responsible for the young woman’s death? At one time it was thought to be serial killer Derrick Todd but he was never charged with the crime.  
Aubrey St. Angelo: That’s correct. We’ve ran several leads to the end. It’s still unfolding. Just traveling over here, I had a phone call from a fellow sorority sister who was helping me with providing some information.  You know, it’s not over. We’re still waiting on some other things to develop and we’ve still got a little more legwork that I think we need to do.

FOX411: Do you worry that a show like “Killing Fields” will tip off a murderer should he or she still be out there and still possibly continue to hide from justice?
St. Angelo: No, he can’t. What [he’s] done, what they’ve done, if it’s going to be determined, it’s going to be determined and they can’t hide from it, and it will be figured out if it’s to be figured out.

FOX411: Do you think there’s more than one killer in this crime or could be?
St. Angelo: There could be. There could be possibly more than one killer in this crime. Obviously, you know we have multiple profiles of DNA. I think it would have been a great tool to have for Rodie back in ’97. It’s come a long way and it’s done a lot. You know science has done a lot for investigators since it’s developed and it’s an avenue we have to explore once we gather a lead if it leads to multiple individuals. We run those also. Currently, you know, obtaining DNA reference samples from each suspect we bring in and person of interest, and you know Louisiana State Police Crime Lab has been a tremendous help to that, Discovery themselves has been helping us outsource different avenues and resourcing certain clients to this case, and we look forward to hopefully putting some closure to it and letting Rodie rest.

"Killing Fields" airs Tuesdays on Discovery Channel.