David Duchovny is working on his music after 'X Files' revival success

David Duchovny, best known for his leading roles on “X-Files” and “Californication,” is getting a feel for the music industry with his band “Hell or Highwater.” Before his concert at The Roxy in Hollywood, the 56-year-old told Fox News he has always had a passion for music along with acting.

“My mom would tell you when I was 10 I tried to learn guitar. It didn't take, but I was always playing music way too loudly for her,” he said with a laugh. “I just always thought I would learn guitar someday and I got older and older and I didn't and then one year— you have a lot of downtime as an actor — I decided this year I’m going to buy an expensive guitar because I’ll feel really crappy if I don't play it so then I just started playing it. So then i just started playing it, I learned chords and I’ll look up songs that I like and learn those chords.”

Just last year, Duchovny was able to revive his role as Agent Mulder on the “X-Files.” He revealed it was interesting and a bit of a challenge to go back and play the character.

“It was at least 20 years since I started it and maybe six, seven or eight years since I last did it so it was quite a gap,” he explained. “And you are playing the same person, the same character, the same man but he is 20 years older than when he started. So maybe [the] character doesn't change but people change. It was trying to figure out… this guy because at the beginning he is so kind of youthfully obsessed. So how you play that was a good challenge.”

Duchovny hinted to us there could more “X-Files” in 2017. Creator Chris Carter told The Hollywood Reporter there is an interest in making more episodes.

“… There's an appetite for more in the future; it's just a matter of figuring out how to get it done,” Carter said.

With a Golden Globe win, two novels, an album and another album on the way, the New York native says he has been lucky to do everything he has wanted in his career.

“I like what I do and I would like to continue to do it. There isn't something I can think of I haven't done— or something new— that I want to do,” he said.

As an overachiever in the entertainment industry, his two teenage children look up to him but Duchovny says he doesn't really know what they think of his music.

“It is a very intimate process, and lyrically they are adult songs so it may be weird for them to read about their father’s emotion … I’m sure one day they will appreciate it. I don’t know if that day is now. But I think they think it’s cool that I’m making music.”