David Duchovny explains his ‘chemistry’ with ‘X-Files’ co-star Gillian Anderson

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Two-time Golden Globe winner David Duchovny opened up about his relationship with “The X-Files” co-star Gillian Anderson at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. The iconic series, which ran for 10 years, is coming back to TV thanks to show creator Chris Carter.

Duchovny said he and Anderson have more than just co-star chemistry.

“I think at this point having known each other and work together so much for the last over 20 years we have gone beyond chemistry to history,” he said. “Because you don’t have to play either. Well, if you don’t have chemistry you have to figure out how to make it happen. Gillian and I actually have history so we don’t have to play it.”

Carter revealed he is bringing the show back with even more life this time.

“I think coming back we have an opportunity here: It is a chance to make good on a promise. It’s an opportunity to show that this show has more life to it.”

Duchovny revealed his two children can’t wait for the show’s return.

“They’re very excited about it coming out so I’m kind of happy. Like the last very visible thing I would have done is ‘Californication,’ and there is no way they are going to watch that,” he explained. “So I am happy they are going to get a chance to see this. Although they watched ‘Aquarius’ but this is up their alley.”

Anderson said these days she’s come to really appreciate “The X Files.”

“It took me a decade to properly appreciate the opportunity that I had and how fortunate I was to play such an iconic character in a show that was iconic itself,” Anderson revealed. “I was very lucky and it suddenly hit me some time later.”

Duchovny added, “It took a while to recognize it as the gift that it is. That’s why we are so comfortable coming back now.”

“The X-Files” premieres January 24th on Fox.