David Arquette is returning to the ring.

More than 18 years after winning the WCW Heavyweight Championship belt in April 2000, the actor is trying out the persona of David “Magic Man” Arquette for his pro wrestling return, he told “The Wendy Williams Show” on Wednesday.

He explained, “Eighteen years ago, I won the WCW Heavyweight Championship belt and everyone freaked out. I was promoting a movie I did called ‘Ready to Rumble’ and it just happened that I won the championship, but for 18 years, I’ve been trolled on the Internet and people have attacked me. I just want to bring some respect back to my name.”

“They sort of blamed me for ruining WCW — it’s no longer around. I maybe had something to do with it,” he admitted.

Arquette, 46, has been training with wrestling coach Paul Avalon, jiu jitsu champion Rigan Machado and retired boxer-turned-boxing coach Ricky Quiles.

“I’m doing the right work, I’m starting to get in shape,” the actor said, adding that while he’s had a “silly relationship” with partying and alcohol in the past, he’s living clean and sober now.

“The good thing about getting in shape is that you have to put all that aside,” he said. “There’s no extra calories for anything. Gotta keep your mind focused! No weed or anything.”

This article originally appeared in Page Six.