When it comes to expressing a love for math, you can always count on Danica McKellar.

The 42-year-old actress, best known for playing Kevin Arnold’s on-off girlfriend Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years,” has been keeping busy with her favorite subject.

“My whole point, my whole mission is to make sure that kids never feel afraid of numbers. Never feel afraid of math,” explained McKellar on “FOX & Friends” on Wednesday.

McKellar said plenty of people are intimidated by mathematics.

“There’s this epidemic of kids being afraid of math, growing up that way,” she said. “Well, I’m starting young. This is book one of eight that that’ll be doing from Random House now, going through third grade. My mission is… kids are never going to remember a time when numbers scare them.”

She said her book is interactive.

“But the fun thing about this book is that there’s so many things to count on each page,” she added. “I’ve snuck in a lot of math, including 10 frames on each page, to make your kids smarter.”

McKellar’s new book, “Goodnight, Numbers” is the star’s first picture book for children.

Aside from releasing a book, McKellar is also set to appear in the upcoming Hallmark film, “Campfire Kiss,” where she plays a single mom and math teacher who is forced to step outside of her comfort zone during a family camping trip.