Danica McKellar won our hearts playing the girl next door, Winnie Cooper on the hit television show “The Wonder Years.” Now she’s dancing her way back into our homes and hearts as a contestant on Season 18 of “Dancing with the Stars.” She spoke to FOX411 about her days as a child star, her role as a math whiz and that infamous kiss with Avril Lavgine.

FOX411: What made you decide to do “DWTS?”
Danica McKellar: I love dancing I love challenges and I love al the sparkly glamorous outfits!

FOX411: Are you a trained dancer?
McKellar: Hardly! Back in 2006 I did a movie that had a tango scene in it, and for that month I did take intensive lessons for that project.  I loved the experience and had kept dancing as an on-again off-again hobby.  I have always wished I could really take the time to focus on dancing and now this is really exciting for me to finally have that opportunity!

FOX411: You’re already making a splash in glossy mags for your rehearsal outfits. Are you going to dare to bare some serious skin with your costumes?
McKellar: I think a given with this show.  I'm really glad that all the rehearsing is getting my body extra tone for the outfits.

FOX411: You made some headlines with your kiss with Avril Lavgine. What did you think of people’s reactions? Is she a good kisser?
McKellar: It was really fun experience and very silly scene and I was thrilled that everyone seemed to enjoy it so much. And yes, Avril is a good kisser.

FOX411: You’re a math education advocate. Do you hope to use the “Dancing with the Stars” as a platform to spread the message?
McKellar: Well here is what they have in common: In my books, I encourage girls to embrace challenges, to face their fears and to tackle new things that might seem daunting at first. I want my readers to understand that they are stronger and smarter and more capable of handling challenges than they might realize. When I was offered “DWTS” it was certainly daunting to me but I remember what I tell my readers, and I knew that I could not shy away from this opportunity.  I’m really excited to be on the show for the experience I will have, and so yes, if more people become aware of my books and more girls get the benefit of becoming confident in math because of it I will be doubly thrilled.

FOX411: You’ve been on a hit television series, and helped created a mathematical theorm. In your eyes, what’s your biggest accomplishment?
McKellar: My son, Draco.

FOX411: Does it annoy or flatter you when people refer to you as “Winnie?”
McKellar: I’m flattered. I know that the show was very much loved and in particular the character of “Winnie” was also very much loved.  When people refer to me as “Winnie” it is in a very endearing way – and I’m glad to have touched their lives.