Country singer Kaylee Keller has 'enough self worth' to say 'no' to opportunities that conflict with her values

Blonde, bubbly and equipped with a long, southern drawl, Kaylee Keller has all the makings of a country superstar.

What sets this Kansas girl apart is Keller's desire to sing tunes that are more than "just fun to listen to." The 20-year-old hopes her fans will find the inspiration they are looking for in her songs.

"My goal in music is to have a really strong message in each one of my songs," Keller told Fox News.

Keller's own experiences facing bullying in high school inspired her to use her celebrity for to help her younger fans.

"I hear a lot of celebrities sometimes talk and they say, 'Oh well, I'm just being me and if you let your kids watch me, that's on you.' But I feel like if you're somebody who is in the limelight, or you have a platform, it is your responsibility to do something with that and to know that people are looking at you and every choice that you make and every word that you say is accountable for."

Watch the exclusive debut of Kaylee Keller's new music video for "Nowhere America" below:

The "Diamond" singer told us she wants to use her platform "to speak my morals [and to share] what I believe."

In order to do that, Keller has turned down opportunities that don't match what she stands for. When a modeling agency approached her and asked her to pose for a bikini photo shoot with the promise it would launch her career, Keller said no.

"I think one of the biggest industry lies is if you say no, the opportunity is never going to approach you again," Keller said. "I've got enough self worth to say, 'You know what? No, I'm not going to do that.'"

As that door shut, another door opened for the aspiring star. She recently released her first EP called "Rubies" and Fox News is exclusively debuting the music video for her new single "Nowhere America."

"This song really just captures who I am as a person," she told us. "[My co-writer and I wrote about] our home roots and what we grew up with and our core values and the values of America [and said], 'Let's capture that in a song.'"

The song is about a girl who loves to travel and be in "the big city" but is a small town girl at heart.

"At the end of the day, "I'm a Kansas girl that my grandpa says likes 'meat and potatoes.' [He tells me,] 'You're a meat and potatoes kind of kid.' Thanks grandpa, but I wouldn't change it."

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