Corey Feldman’s widely ridiculed "Today Show" performance of his single “Go 4 It” has an historical antecedent.

In 1992, Feldman performed the song “What’s Up with the Youth” from his album “Former Child Actor” on the “Club Howie” segment of Howard Stern’s short-lived stab at late night television.

As did the “Go 4 It” performance, the video for “What’s Up with the Youth” received negative reviews on Youtube, including “This kind of seems like it's all a big joke, except Corey's not in on it”; “I don't know which is worse, his singing or his dancing”; and “I came from the today show performance, and got caught in a paradox! I don't even know how to unsee it.”

The ‘90s performance shares a few more hallmarks of Feldman’s “Today Show” debacle, including:

  • Hair slicked back into a short pony tail
  • Michael Jackson inspired dance moves (actually, he does pretty much the same moves in both performances)
  • Rap interlude (this time by Feldman, not by Doc Ice)
  • Women surrounding Feldman

There are also a few differences:

  • Corey lip syncs on “Club Howie” while he sang on “Today”
  • The women in Stern’s audience wear bikinis. Feldman’s all-female band wears revealing angel outfits
  • Feldman wears Hammer pants on “Stern,” but skinny jeans on “Today”
  • “Go 4 It” includes in several of its verses the word “twerk,” a word that did not exist in 1992

In Feldman's defense, it turned the guitarist in his Corey's Angels band quit four days before he was to perform on "Today," a loss that would prove a challenge for any group.

"“I kind of knew it was gonna be a [bleep] show and an embarrassment,” she told the NY Post, adding Feldman;s dancing during rehearsals “was distracting . . . I couldn’t look at him.”

Feldman was not happy, reportedly threatening her on her voicemail: "Let me tell you, don’t even think about coming back to LA because you’ll never get another [bleeping] gig in that town. Ever."

So if you had to choose one Feldman performance to be your only piece of entertainment on a deserted island for the rest of your life, would it be “Go 4 It” or “What’s Up with the Youth”? Tell us on Facebook.