CNN anchor Don Lemon took a shot at President Trump as he was giving his colleague Chris Cuomo a brief tour of the new studio, suggesting that the president can't afford such a large space since he isn't a "real billionaire."

The liberal news network is currently in the middle of a major transition from its New York City headquarters on Columbus Circle to the newly-built studio in Hudson Yards and over the past several weeks CNN's NYC-based programming has been slowly migrating to the new location.

And during their nightly handoff on Monday, the "CNN Tonight" host offered Cuomo a glimpse of the new digs.

"I've got to tell you something," Lemon said to Cuomo. "I moved."

Lemon joked that he "actually lives here" before walking up an on-set staircase, where he said a kitchen and a bathroom were located on the upper level.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Lemon asked.

"Do you know how much an apartment of that size would cost in this city?" Cuomo asked.

"No! Who could afford it?" Lemon responded. "The only person who could afford an apartment like this, maybe, well, it wouldn't be Trump. It would be someone who's actually a real billionaire."


Lemon and Cuomo both chuckled

Lemon blasted Trump last week shortly after The New York Times published its story about the real estate mogul's major losses in the 1980s and early 90s, calling him the "conman-in-chief" and a "fraud."