Clark Gable III’s manager says grandson of Hollywood star was busy acting before his death at age 30

David Rubini is still stunned that his client, Clark Gable III, is gone.

The 30-year-old host of the reality TV show “Cheaters,” and grandson of the legendary Clark Gable, passed away on Feb. 22 in Texas.


The medical examiner’s office didn’t immediately indicate the cause of death, but it was not considered suspicious.

Gable and his fiancée had an infant daughter together.

“More than just a client, or friend, Clark was truly family to me,” Rubini, Gable’s longtime manager, told Fox News in a written statement. “I still can’t believe he’s really gone. I’m going to forever miss that talented kid. It’s heartbreaking.”

“Clark was a good family man and loved his fiancée Summer,” Rubini continued. “He proudly doted on his beautiful new baby daughter Shore. Clark loved… his siblings and relatives with all his heart. All he ever talked about when he was traveling, or away shooting, was how much he missed and loved all his family.”


While the cause of death is unclear, Rubini said, “I am reluctant to comment any further on the ‘how’ or ‘what’ until the autopsy and all the toxicology results come forward.” Gable’s mother, father and sister did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Gable’s official website revealed he embarked on a modeling career at age 5 and later studied at the New York Film Academy after completing his first film in Italy. While he was often compared to his famous grandfather, known as “the King of Hollywood” during his reign, Gable wanted to be recognized for his own work.

“Clark was of course often compared to his grandfather but behind the scenes and even publicly, he always wanted to establish his own identity and made it clear to always distance himself from those comparisons whenever he could,” said Rubini. “He wanted to carve out his own unique niche and remain true to himself. I always respected him for that. For being just a kid when he started, he always had really great, natural, showbiz instincts.”

Since Gable’s sudden passing, UK’s Daily Mail alleged the actor’s father, John Clark Gable, has refused to pay for his son’s funeral or let him be buried in the Gable family plot. The patriarch did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. In response to the alleged family feud, Rubini said he hopes Gable’s relatives will sort out their differences after enduring a tragic loss.


“I, of course, expect family relations to organically mend and heal themselves soon,” said Rubini. “They always do. This family has been through a lot. No one ever expected this to happen. Naturally, emotions are still very raw, and communication has probably been overdue. They all love each other deeply and thankfully healing always takes time. Clark’s burial has recently been organized and set by the family and is scheduled for next week.”

Rubini confirmed that at the time of Gable’s death, the actor had kept busy working.

“When Clark passed, he was just coming into his own both personally and professionally,” said Rubini. “He was in the film ‘Heckle’ that's currently in post-production. It’s scheduled to premiere at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, on Halloween.”
“Last week Clark was supposed to meet in Los Angeles about the documentary feature film he’s been working on with producers,” he added. “The hope is that film still carries on and now the focus will be shared with the remarkable life of reality star, model and actor, Clark James Gable.”

According to his site, Gable was an avid lover of the outdoors and listed surfing, skateboarding, fishing, skydiving, and RC aerial photographer and drone videography as some of his passions. He reportedly worked with Hollywood production companies and studios for his drone flying expertise for “special film and video projects and sometimes private lessons — or just to have some fun in between acting projects.”

TMZ reported Gable is survived by his parents, John Clark Gable and Tracy Scheff, as well as his sister Kayley and his daughter Shore.

His grandfather, star of “Gone With the Wind” and winner of the best actor Oscar for the 1934 film, “It Happened One Night,” died in 1960 at age 59.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.