Christian girl who fled ISIS in Iraq selected to appear on 'The Voice Kids'

An 11-year-old Christian girl who fled Iraq because her family was threatened by ISIS has become an Internet sensation after her "The Voice Kids" performance went viral.

Mirna Hana, a Chaldean Christian, sang an Iraqi classic followed by "Frozen's" "Let It Go" during her audition to an impressed group of judges on the show, which is a kids-only version of the popular televised singing contest.

"We arrived here in Lebanon and everyone knows that situation in Iraq and Know ISIS  threats and murders and how people are escaping and leaving their homes," Hana's father explained in an excerpt from the show published online. "We received a threat that they are planning to kidnapped our little daughter, so we had no choice than to run away. We escaped and left everything behind including my job."

Hana got her big break when she was accepted to perform on the Lebanese version of the "The Voice Kids."

Her brother arrived at her school to surprise Hana that she was to perform for the "Voice" judges in Lebanon..

"Since I was a little girl, I was dreaming to sing and today my dream is coming true," she said when her brother told her the good news.

"We arrived to Lebanon seven months ago. I was so upset that we had to leave our country and leave my school. Even I was happy not go to the school. But we had no choice," Hana said. "I took my clothes and ran away. When we arrived at Lebanon and I started to go to school, I felt that we do not have any more friends or relatives here."

Hana's performance earned her the opportunity to continue on in the competition. Since her performance was published on Youtube, over 18 million people have watched her sing.