Chris Rock helps his daughters sell Girl Scout Cookies during the Oscars

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Oscars host Chris Rock gave his daughters a boost with their Girl Scout Cookie sales by dispatching a team of Los Angeles-area Girl Scouts through the Dolby Theatre selling cookies to the gathered glitterati.

An unfair advantage bestowed by a famous father? Sure, but you'd do the same for your kid if you could.

And Rock the troop weren't just selling cookies for laughs inside the Dolby Theatre at the 88th annual Academy Awards.

After appearing during the Oscar broadcast, the girls came back during commercial breaks to hawk more treats to hungry celebs.

They quickly found customers in Steven Spielberg and Benicio del Toro. Christian Bale picked up a box, too, after asking his wife to loan him the cash.

As soon as Henry Cavill scored his box of Thin Mints the "Man of Steel" star ripped it open and dug in.

Hey, even Superman gets hungry during a long awards show.

And those enterprising girls collected a quick $65,243.00 for a good cause.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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