Celebrities are hiring! Who would you hate to work for?

The economy must be getting better or something, because celebrities are suddenly hiring -- or maybe they just have more money to blow on hired help than the rest of us. Here's a look at nine stars who are looking to add to their payroll, according to BusinessNewsDaily. 

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Which celeb would you hate to work for? 

Ashton Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen, the highest paid guy on TV, so it's not surprising that he has a little room in his budget. But he's not looking for someone to chauffeur him to "Two and Half Men" -- rather, online textbook rental company Chegg, in which he's invested, has lots of open positions.

Even though Oprah Winfrey's television network, OWN, got off to a sputtering start, the company has plenty of jobs and internships available in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, according to the business news website.

Let's face it: Rachael Ray is considered one of the most annoying people on TV -- but interning for her magazine, "Every Day with Rachael Ray," might be kind of fun. Prefer to work for another Most Hated Celebrity? "The Jerry Springer Show" is looking for someone to help book its guests.

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We'll pass on Springer, but Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone's want ad doesn't sound so bad ... From Ashton to Oprah to Jay-Z and Beyonce, let us know: Which celebrity would you loathe working for?