Carol Burnett made America laugh for more than a decade on "The Carol Burnett Show," but she says she wouldn't have as much fun working in TV today.

"We did an hour and fifteen minutes, with all of the costumes changes and musical numbers and all of that, in about two hours," Burnett told ET about the shooting schedule for her classic sketch comedy show. "A lot of these 22-minute shows will take five or six hours to tape, and that just makes me crazy. It's because they're nitpicking and redoing stuff until there's no spontaneity left. I couldn't do that."

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Burnett noted that during her time, she also didn't have "a network breathing down our neck all the time."

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"I don't think anyone had more fun than we had," she said.

The legendary comedian, 82, is being honored with the SAG Life Achievement Award at the SAG Awards on Saturday, Jan. 30.

While the distinction has been a long time coming, Burnett said the news was unexpected.

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"I was gobsmacked," Burnett said.

Despite giving up on a full-time return to television, Burnett continues to charm audiences with guest appearances, like her recent role on "Hawaii Five-O." But, if there is a biopic about her, she would give the starring role to another household name.

"It's obvious: Angelina Jolie," Burnett joked. "I'm cracking myself up."