Carol Burnett was incredibly moved when she took home her namesake Golden Globe at the 2019 awards ceremony on Sunday for lifetime achievement in television.

"My thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I'm really gobsmacked by this," she said. "Does this mean I get to accept it every year?"

Burnett, 85, told the crowd that her first love was movies, but that her love transferred to television after her family got their first set when she was a teenager, and that she adored any medium in which performers could make audiences  "laugh or cry or both. I wished or hoped that maybe someday I could have the chance to do the same."


Of the iconic "Carol Burnett Show," she admitted that production costs for the 28-piece orchestra alone would be cost-prohibitive today — and that a lack of risk-taking from networks would have prevented the show ever from airing if it didn't come out when it did.

Starring in a variety show that "half a century later still connects with people in a way that makes me really proud," she said. "Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about being young again and doing it all again. What we did then couldn't be done today."

"We've been granted a gift, a canvas to paint with our talent. One that can make people laugh or cry, or both," she said of television and film performers. "This award is dedicated to all those who made my dreams come true and to all those who shared my love for television ... I'm just happy our show happened when it did. I am so glad we had this time together," she said, adding in her signature earlobe-tug. "Thank you."