Busy Philipps says she's 'bummed' James Franco was 'clickbait' for her new book

After calling James Franco a “f–king bully” and describing how he once pushed her to the ground in her new book, Busy Philipps was shocked the story made headlines last week.

“When I was writing the book, because I talk about so many personal things, I always had in my head that things will get turned into clickbait,” she told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday night, but added she didn’t think the Franco story would be one of them.

As Page Six reported, Philipps had addressed the incident, which went down on the set of “Freaks and Geeks,” multiple times in the past, including once on Cohen’s show in 2016. She has also stated multiple times that Franco has apologized and both of them have made up and moved on.

“It was really one of those things I was really surprised by last week,” she said. “It really bummed me out because I also felt like, I’m a woman in this industry who wrote a very personal book about my experiences in life and in this industry and then the headlines were all about a man. I was like, that was my point the whole time.”

She added that she and Franco aren’t in contact anymore, but she imagines he wasn’t “thrilled” with the headlines about it.

Philipps also revealed she was raped at age 14 and she had an abortion at age 15 in her memoir, “This Will Only Hurt a Little.”

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.