Al Gore invented the Internet for one reason - to waste your time! So let's get started.

First up! Gwynneth Paltrow was named People magazine's Most Beautiful this year, and this candid Instagram picture of the hot mom bouncing on a trampoline might explain why. Blonde hair, tight abs, dazzling smile....check, check, and check.

Next! It's back to school time and that means school picture day. I remember going shopping for my outfit and crimping my bangs... it was the nineties, people. One thing I don't recall was having a celebrity photographer snapping the pictures. Private schools in LA have are employing Vince Bucci, who has shot the celebs like Kim Kardashian and Avril Lavigne. So they may still be in school, but these kids' yearbook photo shoots are not definitely not kid's play.

Finally! For all of you who loved "Sharknado" but feared that a sharkpocalypse could take over the world, fear not ... for there is a shark whisperer. Meet Tom. A diver who believes that if you should encounter a shark you should punch it in the nose but tickle it. Experts warn that Tom's cuddly antics with sharks are absurd and dangerous, most likely resulting in missing limbs, extreme blood loss and death.

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