Brooke Shields has some issues with her ex-husband Andre Agassi's bestselling 2009 memoir, "Open: An Autobiography."

During the 50-year-old actress' recent appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," she got especially candid when talking about the legendary tennis player's memorable book, which she appeared in given that the two were married from 1997 to 1999.

"Oh, I only read the parts I was in," Shields acknowledged. "I was asked to read it by him so that I could correct things that I believed were not correct, because he told me his memory was not that good. So he called me in, and I spent five hours with his ghostwriter."

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The five-time author and Princeton graduate just couldn't help but throw a little bit of shade.

"I write my own books, FYI. Anyway!" she smiled.

Although, all jokes aside, Shields said that her five hours spent with Agassi's ghostwriter, J.R. Moehringer, ended up being a waste of time.

"I corrected things that were not as I remembered them chronologically. I have diaries of everything," she claimed. "Then I got a letter back that said, 'I'm so sorry I couldn't change anything because it wasn't how I remembered it.' It's the oldest trick in the book and I just didn't get it."

Still, she said her portrayal in the memoir could have been a lot worse.

"With all due respect, I did not come across as badly as people might have thought that he wanted," she reflected, before paying her ex a compliment. "That's not who he is. He's not an evil person."

"I come out a little bit, like, you kind of feel for me more," she added. "I think he did himself in in it, but he's not a horrible person. And his intention was not that. ... I didn't feel attacked."

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ET sat down with Shields in November 2014 to talk about her latest book, "There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me," when she talked about the complicated relationship she had with her late mother, Teri.

According to the "Blue Lagoon" star, her mother would take her into bars when she was a baby, and later in life, would be drunk by the time she got home from school. Shields also said that she staged an intervention for her mother when she was just 13.