Al Gore invented the Internet for one reason - to waste your time! Wait we meant - to entertain! So let's get started.

Leann Rimes knows the best way to get back at haters is looking better than them in a bikini. Glad she finally ate a sandwich.

Sugar Daddy website claims to have 40,000 public school teachers on the site. That's 40,000 Lifetime movie storylines waiting to happen.

Sharon Stone thinks Kim Kardashian is a smart lady. The two hotties plan on working on a Middle East peace plan in the near future. Oh sorry...correction.  They are working on a perfume collection.

Newly minted celebrity sex tape star Myla is getting plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardahsian.  This is getting a little, &quotSingle White Female.&quot

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Unsolicited advice to married celebrities: Do not start cyber relationships with fans via Twitter. Why? Watch this video of actor in the hot tub.

Police give out Doritos with a special warning label at Hempfest. A big no-no or kind of cool?

Go Granny Go! 73 year powerlifter.