Happy Monday and welcome to Break Time! We've got the best stuff from around the web, all compiled in this handy list for you. Here's what's going on today:

Gisele Bundchen loses her clothes and curves in Vogue Paris. Eat a rib, Gisele. Do not count your own.

Buzzfeed offers its list of conspiracy theories.  If you think Facebook isn't part of the government's plan to keep a watchful eye on society think again. 

Chris Brown got arrested for assault. He is permanently on time-out.

Celebs like Fergie got sexylicious at Kate Hudson's Halloween party.

Miley Cyrus tells Cosmo Magazine she is not dwelling on her break up with Liam Hemsworth.  Of course she's not, she is the millennial poster child for ADHD and narcissism. 

You cannot separate a man from his beer...even if his beer is in his house that happens to be engulfed in flames.

There is a new tradition that makes "The Hangover" look like child's play. Bachelorette parties are now being epic non-stop parties.