Bella Twins have babies, marriage on the brain

The Bella Twins are ready for babies and marriage.

The reality stars opened up about their personal lives to Latina magazine and nothing was off-limits.

"I don't know what would be off-limits," Brie told the magazine of their reality show "Total Bellas." "That's the thing about us, we're too much of an open book."

One thing they're openly discussing is Brie's baby fever. She admitted that her and her husband Daniel Bryan have been wanting a baby for the past year.

"Bryan and I have had serious baby fever for the last year," Brie told the mag. "I just felt like I should move on to the next chapter of my life together with him and not just have him be at home waiting for me while I live his dream."

What about sister Nikki? She's ready to tie the knot with boyfriend, wrestler John Cena.

"I have to remind him when I get hit on, 'I got hit on because no one saw a ring,'" Nikki said. "The good things is, he's more open to marriage now—kids, unfortunately, no. When I envision having my life without John, it hurts more than having a life without kids."

Nikki is also focused on her career in the WWE.

"I want to have the comeback of a lifetime," she said. "As long as I work smart, I know I can get back in that ring and do some damage."