Barry Williams's ex claims 'Brady Bunch' star is an absentee dad

Barry Williams (famous for playing Greg Brady on "The Brady Bunch") is embroiled in a scandal involving his ex and their three-year-old child.

Elizabeth Kennedy says that she was Barry's girlfriend for seven years and that Williams has left her and their daughter destitute, but Williams denies the claims.

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Kennedy told ET's Brooke Anderson her side of the story.

"What he does when he's done with a relationship is he tries to eradicate the person completely from his life," Kennedy said.

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    Brooke asked Kennedy if she considered Williams to be a deadbeat dad.

    "In terms of not physically being there -- yes he is, because he's making a choice," Kennedy said.

    Kennedy told ET she's temporarily staying at her mother's house. Meanwhile, Williams has relocated to Branson, Miss. to shoot a reality show about his new stage production in the small town and his struggle to drum up an audience. The series, "A Very Barry Branson" premiered on GAC last month.

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    "He told me in 2012 that with the money he had he could retire and we would be able to live comfortably for the rest of our lives," Kennedy told Brooke. "[The show] is not about money. That's about promoting himself -- his fame."

    When ET reached out to Williams for comment, he replied, "I don't want to dignify her claims with a response."

    Kennedy says that her wish is simple.

    "I want him to grow up and do the right thing by his daughter," she said.

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