Houston native Angela Zatopek is the star of the Eva Longoria-produced matchmaking series “Ready For Love,” which wraps up Tuesday night.

But as the bubbly blonde vying for Mr. Right on the reality docu-series, she says it’s her choice to remain a virgin until she weds that has, frustratingly, become the show’s sole focus.

“On the show it is talked about so much, but in my normal life I don’t talk about it that much… The show doesn’t show my personality. It almost focuses so much on my choice to wait and that is so not what defines me as a person. I don’t sit around and talk about waiting until marriage all the time,” Zatopek told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. “My character is a girl waiting, which is frustrating, but it is what it is, and it’s reality television.”

Apparently that storyline wasn’t enough to keep viewers interested, however, as NBC pulled “Ready For Love” from its schedule after only two episodes, choosing instead to play out the remaining seven episodes on the network’s website, NBC’s video on demand service, Hulu, and Amazon Video for purchase.

“I was pretty disappointed,” Zatopek admitted. “The feeling of filming during the show was so amazing, all of us felt like we were a part of something very incredible. But I am glad the footage has been released online, and there is still a following.”

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And if anything, she hopes her presence and values may give others a moment of reflection.

“I’m from Texas and I grew up going to church, but I made the personal choice at 16 when I became a Christian. There was just this one random conversation with my mom about boys and I just always felt in my heart when I gave my life to the Lord to save that for my husband,” Zatopek continued. “I’m 25 now and I have had a couple of serious relationships and they have respected my choice, but I really see the value in saving that for the right person.”

While the vow of chastity hasn’t been without its challenges, the reality star said she prays for wisdom when it comes to dating. And irrespective of whether one is waiting or not, Zatopek cautions other young men and women to take their time.

“I see my girlfriends rush into things and then things just totally phase out quick,” she continued. “I am hoping to break the stereotype that just because you are waiting until marriage, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a passionate relationship that’s not sexy. You can still have that type of relationship and still wait for the right person.”

But beyond that, Zapotek hopes “Ready for Love” is just the beginning.

“I’m starting to announce what I am working on and it just ties into me and how I am waiting for marriage and my faith. I am working with Lisa Gastineau from the ‘Gastineau Girls,’ she has owned a jewelry line for thirty years. She heard my message and liked it. I am excited to pair with her to form my line, One Love Collection,” Zatopek added. “It is going to feature purity rings, but not just as a symbol of having faith but that we all have let downs in life and there is always the One Love which is good… I am also finishing a book about my upbringing and dating, and why I feel it is important to guard your heart as a woman.”

Tune in to the “Ready for Love” finale Tuesday June 4 on NBC.com, HULU and iTunes.com

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.