For the judges, it just wasn’t on cue.

Jessica Sanchez, a favorite to win "American Idol," stumbled on Wednesday night in her rendition of Gloria Estefan's version of Vicki Sue Robinson's "Turn the Beat Around."

Sanchez struggled to keep her big vocals in rhythm with the fast-paced conga beats of Estefan’s pop song.

Sanchez' performance comes on the heels of an awe inspiring rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," that instantly solidified her as a top contender on this year's show.

Pop music singer Jennifer Lopez stepped in to give her some advice.

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    “Learn to sing straight sometimes,” said Lopez. “It’s a type of thing that your voice has such a strong bravado, [which] is so beautiful on certain songs but on a song like this when you have to be… kind of syncopated and on that beat, it lagged a little bit behind.”

    Lopez added that the Sanchez’s performance lost “a little bit of energy” although she “still sang it great.”

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    “It’s about having that rhythm in those type of songs so you can really just kill it,” Lopez continued. “For me, not my favorite thing I’ve ever seen you do, but good job.”

    Music producer Randy Jackson and rock star Steven Tyler agreed with Lopez and wanted Sanchez to remember that they just want to fine-tune her singing abilities.

    “You are one of the greatest in this completion,” Jackson said. “I feel like we should stir you always in the right direction and give you great constructive criticism."

    “The problem for me was the song choice,” Jackson continued.

    “You got this big ole voice and that song doesn’t allow for you to show that ─not that you need to show it every time ─but pick something that you can really play with and make your own because you are that good.”

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    Tyler agreed and reminded Sanchez how much he “loved” her voice, while complementing her fashion choice for the evening, since the contender sported glittered-out bell bottom pants.

    “I love your voice but you can’t stray too far from what I think you sing the best and that’s ballads,” Tyler said.

    “The rhythm you sang to this song was just a bit shady,” he added. “But I love your voice and I love those pants.”

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    JLO agreed with Tyler on Sanchez’s outfit for the performance.

    “You know I love those pants!”

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