Tiger didn't make these shots.

A sex tape purporting to feature the golf great actually stars a third-rate Philadelphia boxer paid to pose as Woods, the stand-in said yesterday.

Teneal Goyco, 29, claims prostitute Devon James offered him $1,000 to fulfill her fantasy of frolicking with Tiger.

He told RadarOnline.com that James and her husband dressed him up in a Nike hat and sweater vest and that she insisted on calling him "Tiger" throughout their steamy two-hour video shoot.

"I was in it to make a couple bucks and have sex with a pretty lady," Goyco told the gossip Web site.

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"I just thought I was fulfilling this woman's fantasy of having sex with Tiger Woods, as she had said she wanted."

Although it was low-budget production, James was determined to make him look like Tiger, Goyco said.

"I wore a sweater vest with no sleeves, and, at one point, I had a Nike hat on, a pair of dark-blue khaki pants and a white-and-blue pinstripe shirt," the palooka said.

"The couple put makeup on my face and my body because I am a bit darker than Tiger."

Goyco realized he had been duped only when he saw James' advertisements for the video, which she is selling for $25.95 a pop.

James, who falsely claimed Tiger was the father of her love child, insists she had an affair with him.

She recently began taking pre-orders for the XXX video, advertised as "Tiger Woods' former girl playing all the holes."

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